Business General Liability Insurance

Commercial General Liability insurance is a key element of any commercial insurance policy and can be sold as part of the package or it can be sold as a monoline contract. 

Business General Liability Insurance

As a business owner, your exposures are far different than as a homeowner.  A commercial general liability policy is designed to protect you from business activities that could create liability exposures.  The insurance industry classifies nine liability hazards including:

  1. Premises Liability
  2. Operations Liability
  3. Products Liability
  4. Completed Operations Liability
  5. Independent Contractors Liability
  6. Contractual Liability
  7. Fire Legal Liability
  8. Personal Injury Liability
  9. Advertising Injury Liability

You work hard to make sure you run your business in the most responsible and safest way possible.  However, accidents do happen.  Let the experts at David Insurance help you determine your Commercial general liability (CGL) insurance needs.  CGL is a type of insurance policy that provides coverage to a business for bodily injury, personal injury and property damage resulting from your business’ operations, completed products or injury that occurs at any of your locations.

Although CGL is considered comprehensive business insurance, it does NOT cover all claims a business may face.  In addition to commercial general liability policies, a business may want to purchase coverage for other business risks.  We can help navigate you through the many options and determine what is most suitable for your business.


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