Umbrella Insurance

The underlying policies (usually home or auto) are the front line primary liability providing the initial levels of coverage.

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A personal umbrella is intended to fill the gaps in coverage or provide additional amounts of insurance after the underlying coverage has been exhausted.

Who needs an Umbrella Policy?

Simple answer…you do! An Umbrella policy isn’t just for the high net worth clients anymore.  With the rising cost of medical services, the increased likelihood of being sued in today’s world, and the increased risks and distractions make it more common that an Umbrella policy is needed. If you are found liable for injuring someone or damaging their property and you are without an Umbrella policy, anything beyond your underlying liability limit will be your financial responsibility.

Umbrella policies start at $1million of excess liability and can increase from there.  The cost of this additional line of protection, well, is fairly inexpensive in comparison to the amount of coverage you gain. For a standard $1million Umbrella the cost is typically $1/day.  Of course there are risk factors that contribute to the cost such as: the number of drivers, your credit score, driving violations and claims, as well as the number of underlying risks that are to be insured on the Umbrella.

When determining the amount of additional coverage that makes sense for you and your family take in to consideration your assets as well as your household risk.  Do you have teenage drivers? Do you have a swimming pool? How about a dog? These are examples of risks that can increase the likelihood of a claim.

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